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Types of biomass used for energy production

sustainability in Fort Lauderdale

Renewable energy production reduces pollution and our dependence on fossil fuels and mitigates climate change. Among renewable energy sources, biomass plays an essential role in offering a sustainable and versatile solution. Biomass is composed of organic materials of plant or animal origin that can be used as fuel to produce energy. Discover...

Pollution In South Carolina

Pollution In South Carolina

More people die each year as a result of unsafe water than die as a result of war and all other types of violence combined. Our drinking water supplies, on the other hand, are limited: access to less than 1% of the world's freshwater supply, according to estimates. In the absence of...

US Recycling Regulations

How Recycling Can Contribute To Climate Change Mitigation

While recycling processes vary depending on the commodity and location, the three major processes are collecting, remanufacturing, & processing into new products. Collection Materials are produced by a business or consumer were collected by a private government agency or a private hauler. Processing The processing facility, such as a paper mill or...

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Gainesville is Alachua County's biggest city and county seat. Cultural, educational, and economic hub for north central Florida. Fire and police protection; comprehensive land utilise planning but also zoning services; software policing & neighbourhood improvement; street & drainage construction and operation; traffic engineering; refuse as well as recycling services thru a franchise agreement operator; recreation & parks; cultural & nature services; and the required administrative support to support these actions are all provided by the city.