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Marine Pollution

Greenpeace warns of the myth of plastic recycling

Greenpeace USA notes that plastic production in the United States has increased while recycling rates are falling. Highlighting the difficulties related to the recycling of various plastic waste, the NGO highlights the impossibility of a circular economy around this material. Greenpeace calls for giving up non-reusable plastics, even if they are recyclable Don't talk about waste anymore, but...

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Other Factors That Contribute To Marine Contamination

Greenhouse gases released by fossil fuels are a significant source of marine pollution, since they cause acidification of the sea and other environmental problems. Atmospheric pollution contributes to both marine and coastal contamination. Take, for example, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which enhances the acidity of sea water. Marine ecology is polluted by nuclear wastes from a variety...

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Exactly What Causes Marine Pollution Is Not Known

For the sake of simplicity, "seawater contamination is referred to as marine pollution." Soil erosion and mining are only two of the many forms of pollution that threaten marine ecosystems today. Plastic contamination is one of the most significant contributors of marine pollution. Polythene, plastic bags, bottles, and other disposable items are tossed into the sea. Marine contamination...

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Types, Causes, Effects And Prevention Of Marine Pollution:

There Is A Serious Threat To Environment From Marine Pollution Ocean water covers over two-thirds of the planet's surface. The health of our ecosystem depends heavily on ocean water. Oceans are vital to humanity for a variety of reasons beyond ecological preservation, including trade, industry, tourism, adventure, commerce, and food. Humans have begun to use the waters in...

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Information About Sea Turtles, Including The Dangers Posed By Marine Pollution

The Issue: Pollution has the potential to have major consequences for both sea turtles as well as the food they consume. For example, recent study reveals that fibropapillomas, a condition that is now affecting a large number of sea turtles, may be connected to pollution in oceans or nearshore waterways. Sea turtles' feeding grounds are destroyed when pollution...

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