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Gainesville News

US Recycling Regulations

While recycling processes vary depending on the commodity and location, the three major processes are collecting, remanufacturing, & processing into new products. Collection Materials are produced by a business or consumer were collected by a private government agency or a private hauler. Processing The processing facility, such as a paper mill or a materials recovery facility, receives the...

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Power Plant Emissions Will Be Reduced By Gainesville Utilities

Gainesville Regional Utilities would spend more than $100 million to reduce pollution out of its coal-fired power plant, satisfying federal standards to reduce emissions years before they are need to be implemented. The project, which would convert utility's Deerhaven II power facility with new pollution-control equipment, received unanimous approval from the Gainesville City Council on Thursday evening. However,...

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Gainesville is Alachua County's biggest city and county seat. Cultural, educational, and economic hub for north central Florida. Fire and police protection; comprehensive land utilise planning but also zoning services; software policing & neighbourhood improvement; street & drainage construction and operation; traffic engineering; refuse as well as recycling services thru a franchise agreement operator; recreation & parks; cultural & nature services; and the required administrative support to support these actions are all provided by the city.